The Evolution of Behavioral Biometrics from Edge Case Defense Layer to Essential Component for Customer Trust

By March 20, 2023Biometric Summit 2023

The technology advancements powering today’s highly-personalized customer experiences also provide the perfect tools to launch and scale automated, high-velocity fraud attacks. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and cybercrime-as-a-service technologies support next-gen attack vectors that fraud networks can easily leverage and continuously evolve. Fraudsters are capitalizing on infinite ways to target digital ecosystems: from launching fast-paced bot attacks to directly leveraging vulnerable consumers for sophisticated social engineering and scams. How can businesses future-fit their fraud strategies to stay in front?

Join Rob Woods, Director Market Planning, Fraud and Identity, and Neil Costigan, Chief Architect, Behavioral Biometrics Solutions from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, for this session on “The evolution of behavioral biometrics from edge case defense layer to essential component for customer trust” at Goode Intelligence’s Biometric Summit 2023 on Thursday 23rd March. The session is from 11.00-12.00 GMT.

Get the latest industry perspectives on intelligently leveraging the resiliency of behavioral biometrics to inform an agile fraud approach that centers around customer trust.

This session illustrates the progression of behavioral biometrics technologies and highlights how they have become key capabilities in a future-forward fraud strategy. Get the latest insights on:

  • Intuitively detecting the signals that indicate scams coercion or social engineering
  • Proactively defending against emerging AI threats by strategically deploying AI and ML-driven tools
  • Dynamically improving identity trust with every interaction
  • Effectively incorporating behavioral biometrics technology into essential customer touchpoints

Find out our top insights for building a real time, highly-responsive fraud defense during this informative session.

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