Biometric Summit London 2019

The Biometric Summit London 2019 on Wednesday 20 November is presented by Goode Intelligence and hosted by Rise London.  Bringing together speakers and delegates for a thought leading and educational event through enlightening talks, panels and workshops, the key themes of the event are:

  • Biometric authentication
  • Legal and regulatory considerations for using biometric technology
  • Building the bank of the future
  • Biometric commerce and digital onboarding
  • Biometrics – beyond authentication

With up to 120 senior leaders from a range of sectors such as finance (including the FinTech community), retail, government, manufacturing, technology and telecoms, this power-packed summit provides plenty of opportunity for networking with peers and making new contacts. This is an outstanding opportunity to learn from experts and end-users, bringing together investors and buyers interested in discovering the latest innovation in biometrics and digital identity.

Biometric technology and digital identity specialists and practitioners will be on hand with expert knowledge and case studies to share the latest innovation and best practice in these areas.  This will enable you to deepen your understanding and help you make decisions on the best strategy to deploy biometric technology in your organisation.  With industry attendees representing a mix of companies at various stages of development from private start-ups through to established, listed companies, there will also be advice, business acceleration and investment opportunities to explore.

What you can expect:

  • Attend a programme of enlightening and interactive talks, workshops and panels to build and strengthen your knowledge about deploying biometric technology in your organisation and its optimum use for authentication, fraud management, identity verification and more
  • Hear from the experts about what the latest trends are and their implications for your organisation
  • Engage in discussions with in-house specialists and practitioners who will share their experiences and insight
  • Participate in sessions that will give you insights into the fast moving markets of biometric technology and digital identity, their emerging challenges and opportunities
  • Easily compare and benchmark potential products, services and solutions
  • Network with
    • Industry analysts, including access to Alan Goode, one of the world’s leading authorities on biometrics and digital identity
    • CEOs of technology companies
    • End-users and experts to gain insight into what and where they are deploying biometric technology
    • Investors with a proven track record in biometric technology and digital identity

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