Speaker Announcement – Dr Chris Allgrove

By November 11, 2022Digital Trust World 2022

We are delighted to announce that Dr Chris Allgrove, Director and co-founder at Ingenium Biometrics, is speaking at Digital Trust World 2022 on 21 November in London.

Chris is giving his expert opinion on two separate sessions at the conference, “Digital Identity” and “Authentication & Privacy”.

Chris has been working in identity and biometrics for 25 years, having initially received his PhD in electronics, specialising in the application of biometrics, from the University of Kent where he was a researcher in computer vision research group. Chris is presently an expert independent advisor to a range of UK and international clients on the user of biometrics in digital identity, as well as more widely around identity authentication.

Chris previously worked in the UK Government with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC, part of GCHQ) where he was Head of Identity in Government and managed the NCSC teams responsible for identity and biometrics.

Chris was an internationally-recognised subject matter expert in the field of biometrics. He headed a research team investigating the performance and vulnerabilities of biometric systems, in support of the work of the NCSC and GCHQ as the UK Government National Technical Authority.

Chris was the author of NCSC’s guidance on the use of biometric systems, and a subject matter expert contributing to NCSC’s password guidance, end user device guidance and other identity and cybersecurity publications. In addition to his work in the NCSC, Chris was also the co-chair of the Cross Government Identity Standards Group within the UK government and worked at the Identity and Passport Service advising on identity, biometrics and PIV cards.

Chris is an active member of the Biometrics Institute, an international body promoting the responsible and ethical use of biometrics, and has been a member of the UK national committee IST/33/5 on identity and biometrics, responsible for UK contributions to ISO SC27 WG5″.

There is still time to register to attend this conference by registering here.