The Matter of (Digital) Trust

By September 22, 2022Digital Trust World 2022

Trust is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “the belief that you can trust someone or something”. Trust is at the heart of fruitful relationships – both personal and professional – for both the physical and digital worlds.

In the physical world, trust is created through security, effective process and reputation. In the digital world we need to match the levels of trust that thousands of years of human civilisation has created to maintain a safe and prosperous society.

As we move more of our daily lives into the digital realm, we need to ensure that the trust anchors we have developed for our physical lives are replicated, and in some cases improved for digital interactions. This can be a challenging task and as digital transformation is accelerating at an incredible rate across the globe, the question of how we establish digital trust is one of the fundamental ones of our generation.

How do we prove who we are?

How do we trust the authenticity of digital services?

Is this email or message really coming from my bank or government?

How do I know that my personal information will be protected when I provide it as part of a contract with a digital service provider?

These are but a few of the essential questions that are being asked of digital services.

Running an analyst and consulting company that specialises in the interconnected technology areas of identity verification, digital identity, authentication, biometrics, and digital fraud, I have been observing the developments in digital trust for well over a decade. There are plenty of positives that governments, business operators, privacy advocates and technology standards bodies have already achieved in establishing the building blocks of digital trust. But as we plan for next generation technology in the shape of open banking, decentralised identity and finance, and grapple with defining the Metaverse and Web3, there is plenty more that the industry must plan for.

We will get a chance to discuss the matter of (digital) trust at Goode Intelligence’s latest physical conference and exhibition – Digital Trust World 2022. Digital Trust World 2022 builds on the success of the inaugural 2021 event to provide a platform for the world’s leading authorities in Digital Trust to drive the conversations around how we can effectively develop trust in the digital world, alongside our thought leadership expertise in the digital trust economy.

Taking place on Thursday 3rd November 2022 in London, Digital Trust World 2022 develops a narrative built around the four essential components of digital trust:

  • Digital Onboarding (Identity Verification)
  • Digital Identity
  • Authentication & Privacy
  • Digital Fraud Management

Each of the four sessions are interconnected and take delegates on a typical user journey, be it a citizen or a consumer, from onboarding (identity verification/proofing), to identity issuance and management, to authentication & privacy measures, and then through to fraud management (digital fraud).

This ground-breaking event brings together leading technology providers with business decision makers, investors and technology integrators who have a strong interest in the latest innovations for a global conference with keynotes, presentations, industry-led moderated panels, round-tables and interviews.

I hope you can join us in London on November 3rd 2022.

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