Digital Trust World 2021 – The matter of trust in a digital world

By July 12, 2021Blog

Digital Trust World 2021

The matter of trust in a digital world

From the company that brought you the annual Biometric, Identify and Identity Summits, join us in shaping the digital trust landscape of the future.

Trust is at the heart of fruitful relationships, both personal and business.  This is true for both the physical and digital worlds.

In the physical world we create trust through security, effective process, and reputation. These pillars guide us through our decision making when establishing trust and inform us when asking questions such as, Do I trust this person to honour an obligation? Can I trust a business with my money?  Do I trust that my healthcare provider will keep my records secured under lock and key, and that the key can only be accessed by authorised people?

Trust is also very much a two-way process – a mutual relationship based on reputation. Can an entity trust that I am a real person and not an imposter, that I will abide by the rules of the relationship, and that I do not have previous history of reneging on a contract, either on purpose or by misfortune?

In the physical world we issue documents and create records that prove who we are, when we were born, where we live, what we can do and what have we done.  These make us eligible to receive healthcare or social care, to permit us to travel internationally, to permit us to drive a vehicle (and what types of vehicles), to prove that we have been fined for speeding. The list goes on….

In the digital world we need to match the levels of trust that thousands of years of human civilisation has created to maintain a safe and prosperous society.

We are in the fourth industrial revolution and due to COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation is accelerating at an incredible rate. How we recreate the trust of the physical world, and even improve on it, is one of the fundamental questions of our time.

Digital Trust World 2021, a major new event from Goode Intelligence, will provide a platform for the world’s leading authorities in Digital Trust to drive the conversations around how we can effectively develop trust in the digital world, alongside our thought leadership expertise in the digital trust economy.

Goode Intelligence has been active in covering the latest developments shaping Digital Trust since 2007 when it published its ground-breaking market analyst report on the mobile phone as an authentication device. Since then, Goode Intelligence has been instrumental in shaping the narrative around trust in the digital world predicting the

  • Importance of biometric technology for frictionless mobile authentication in 2010 – three years before the arrival of Apple Touch ID
  • Critical role of mobile in remote identity verification
  • Opportunity for decentralised identity, central to the passwordless authentication movement
  • Arrival of multi-purpose biometric technology for cars
  • Future of touch-free biometric payments to support new retail opportunities
  • Importance of quantum cryptography in withstanding the threat from quantum computing.

Topics and Themes

Digital Trust World 2021 covers the following topics and themes segmented into the following technologies:

  • Authentication
  • Biometrics
  • Digital Identity
  • Fraud and Security

The event will also cover aspects such as Privacy & Ethics, Skills and Professional Training, Legal Requirements, Attracting Investment and Powerful Communication for Business Success.


  • Pick a date – when will we see the end of passwords?
  • We expected the passwordless revolution to be with us by now, so why I am still using passwords?
  • FIDO Alliance update
  • Biometric authentication – offering the right mixture of security and convenience
  • Continuous authentication – a privacy nightmare?
  • Why we need risk-based authentication more than ever – delivering frictionless authentication


  • The importance of liveness detection in combatting identity fraud
  • How biometrics is being leveraged for secure touchless physical access control
  • The role of voice biometrics in supporting frictionless user authentication
  • Biometrics is not just about identity and authentication – how biometric technology is being used to monitor our wellness and wellbeing

Digital Identity

  • All you need to know about the digital identity wallet wars
  • Who should issue digital identity – government, banks, tech companies or telcos?
  • Case studies
    • What we can learn from the Nordic BankID model
    • Latest developments with digital identity in Canada
  • Is SSI the right choice for your business?
  • Digital Identity in:
    • Government
    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare
    • Travel
  • Identity Verification
  • The security of digital identity – what makes a digital identity system secure?

Fraud & Security

  • New models for fraud management
  • The importance of behavioural analysis in fraud prevention
  • What you need to know about the risk to encryption from quantum computing and how to solve it
  • Encryption as a service – models and benefits
  • The risk of synthetic identity fraud
  • What account takeover (ATO) looks like and how to mitigate risk?
  • Regulatory roundup with updates on
    • GDPR and worldwide data protection regulation
    • PSD2 SCA
    • EU AI regulation

Privacy & Ethics

  • Bias in AI – why it is such an important issue
  • What privacy by design is and how you ensure it is baked into digital trust solutions?
  • Diversity and inclusion in digital identity
  • Important considerations when designing and deploying a biometric system
  • Live AFR – is it such a bad idea?

Join me in October as we shape trust for the digital world by registering for your place now.