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Find out about Digital Identity & Document Verification at Biometric Summit London 2019

With more and more bank branches closing each year, financial institutions have to find alternative ways in which they can securely verify the identity of customers who are opening up accounts or applying for new services. Digital identity and document verification services that combine document (e.g. passport, drivers’ licence or national identity) authentication, facial biometrics and data corroboration offer financial institutions a method to remotely verify a customer’s identity and readiness to open up an account complying with KYC and AML regulation.

In our analyst report “Digital Identity & Document Verification Services; Market & Technology Analysis and Forecasts 2019-2024” we forecast that by 2024 there will be over 588 million digital identity and document verification checks for banking and insurance services. More information about the report.

Digital identity and document verification feature at Biometric Summit London 2019 on 20th November during two sessions: “Biometric commerce and digital onboarding” and “Building the bank of the future”. Join delegates from a range of organisations including fintechs, financial institutions, government, regulators, industry bodies, telecommunications and technology providers at this one day event dedicated to biometrics and digital identity.  You’ll have the opportunity to learn from expert speakers on deployment scenarios and the legal framework for supporting digital customer onboarding. Register to attend.