Goode Intelligence launches DIGITAL TRUST WORLD 2021, the Conference for Authentication, Biometrics, Fraud & Security and Identity

By July 21, 2021

London, United Kingdom 21 July 2021 – Goode Intelligence ( is delighted to announce that its new conference event for Authentication, Biometrics, Fraud & Security and Identity – DIGITAL TRUST WORLD – will take place this year as an online event from 4-7 October.

Digital Trust World 2021 is a major new event from Goode Intelligence, to provide a platform for the world’s leading authorities in Digital Trust to drive the conversations around how we can effectively develop trust in the digital world, alongside Goode Intelligence’s established thought leadership expertise in the digital trust economy.

Alan Goode, CEO & Chief Analyst, Goode Intelligence said, “Trust is at the heart of fruitful relationships – both personal and professional – for both the physical and digital worlds. In the physical world, trust is created through security, effective process and reputation. In the digital world we need to match the levels of trust that thousands of years of human civilisation has created to maintain a safe and prosperous society. Digital transformation is accelerating at an incredible rate across the globe. How we recreate the trust of the physical world, and even improve on it, is one of the fundamental questions of our time.”

Taking place over four days from 4-7 October 2021, Digital Trust World 2021 covers the

following themes and technologies:

  • Authentication
  • Biometrics
  • Digital Identity
  • Fraud and Security
  • Privacy & Ethics
  • Skills and Professional Training
  • Legal Requirements
  • Attracting Investment

Delegate registration is free and more information is available at

Call for Speakers/Papers

Professionals and practitioners (who are not part of the vendor or sales community) with expertise in the areas of authentication, biometrics, fraud & security and identity are invited to submit a proposal to speak at or participate in a panel at DIGITAL TRUST WORLD 2021.  Speaking slots are limited and further details of how to submit your proposal are available at

 Sponsorship opportunities

Opportunities for sponsorship are available for DIGITAL TRUST WORLD 2021.  Please contact for information about these opportunities.

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