Goode Intelligence forecasts that over three billion digital identities will be issued by 2025

By November 27, 2019

London, United Kingdom – 27 November 2019 – in its Analyst Report The Digital Identity Report – The Global Opportunity for Verified Citizen & Consumer ID published today, Goode Intelligence ( examines the market for both government and commercial scheme issued digital identities around the world in three digital identity models: Centralised, Federated and Self-Sovereign.

The report covers digital identity issued and managed by two main entities:

  • Government, both state and federal:
    • Digital Driving Licence
    • Travel Digital Identity
    • Digital National ID
  • Commercial companies and organisations in the following sectors:
    • Financial Services
    • Telecommunications Providers
    • Healthcare Providers
    • Technology Providers

The report reveals the major trends that are shaping the digital identity landscape for the short, medium and longer term (2025).

These trends include rising government issuance of digital identities, initially as a companion for physical identity documents and cards but increasingly as a stand-alone identity credential that can be used to access government services and verify age and identity in commercial digital services.

A popular application is age verification to purchase restricted items, e.g. alcohol and to allow access to age restricted content such as adult content and gaming.

Mobile is the prominent technology for digital identity services, both government and commercial schemes.

Another important technology trend is the increasing use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)/Blockchain to support both government and commercial identity schemes.

Alan Goode, founder and CEO of Goode Intelligence and author of the report, said “There is enough evidence available to predict increased adoption of DLT/Blockchain digital identity, including schemes developed around Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) principles. We predict that by 2025, 20 percent of total digital ID will be built using DLT/Blockchain technology, increasing from five percent in 2020.

“Looking at the development of digital identity across the globe for verified and citizen and consumer ID, there will not be one identity to rule them all.  Rather there will be networks of identity schemes, some connected, others not. There will also be collaboration between mutually interested parties such as banks, governments and telecommunications providers. Large technology and social media network providers are also developing digital identity systems that can be used to offer hyper-personalised services to their billions of users around the world.

“We will see increasing adoption of commercial identity schemes – identity networks – within economic and political entities that are built on a collaborative model, largely bank and telecommunications led with state-backing. For the short-to-medium term, these schemes will mainly operate in single states or economic unions – as we have with the BankID schemes in the Nordics. Longer-term, a combination of regulatory support and adoption of identity technology standards will enable these schemes to break-out of their silos to support greater levels of interoperability. This is dependent on the economic and political will of both commercial organisations and the state.”

The 230-page report features exclusive, in-depth interviews with leading stakeholders and organisations providing technology and solutions for digital identity including:

  • AllClear ID
  • Digital ID & Authentication Council Canada (DIACC)
  • Entrust Datacard
  • Evernym
  • G+D
  • Gemalto a Thales company
  • ID4Africa
  • IdRamp
  • SecureKey
  • Signicat
  • Truu
  • Veridos
  • Yoti
  • ZignSec

The report includes a comprehensive review of current global adoption, market analysis including key drivers and barriers for adoption, technology analysis and profiles of companies supplying products and services in this area along with detailed (regional and global) for digital identity (segmented into current important vertical sectors), biometric technology and revenue within the six-year period 2020 to 2025.

The Digital Identity Report – The Global Opportunity for Verified Citizen & Consumer ID is the second report in the Goode Intelligence Digital Identity series and further information can be found at:

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