Age Verification: Lessons learnt from the UK

By January 29, 2024

Governments around the world are increasingly enacting legislation to ensure that there are adequate safeguards to protect children from accessing adult related content online. One of the first countries to pass legislation was the UK with the Online Safety Act coming into law in September 2023. The act takes a zero-tolerance approach to protecting children and makes sure social media platforms are held responsible for the content they host. If they do not act rapidly to prevent and remove illegal content and stop children seeing material that is harmful to them, such as bullying, they will face significant fines that could reach billions of pounds. In some cases, their bosses may even face prison.

Part of the Act is to ensure that social media platforms and content providers prevent children from accessing harmful and age-inappropriate content and to enforce age limits and age-checking measures.

The act is regulated by Ofcom which has published guidelines in how to enforce age limits and age-checking measures. The methods include photo ID matching and facial age estimation.

Biometric Update and Goode Intelligence have partnered to bring you a very timely webinar that explores age verification and estimation in the context of lessons learned from the UK bringing together leading experts to debate the practical lessons that can be learned from the UK in terms of legislation and technology controls.

The webinar will explore:

– An overview of the UK’s Online Safety Act
– The role of the regulator Ofcom and what guidance it has offered
– Has the UK got it right in legislation and regulatory guidance
– Challenges ahead for the UK in regulating the Act
– The role of biometrics in age verification and estimation

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