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November 2022

Digital Trust World 2022 Partner Annoucement – Cifas

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We are delighted to welcome Cifas, the UK’s fraud prevention community, where hundreds of organisations from all sectors share information to fight fraud, as partner at Digital Trust World 2022 in London on 21 November 2022.

Come and meet Cifas and hear  how they have combined their vast pool of data and intelligence with world-class metaverse technology to produce truly unique digital learning, Apollo.

Apollo is a living learning environment that provides universal fraud training and specialist intelligence for the whole organisation. It will transform your staff into the first line of defence against fraud and financial crime, and protect your people, your customers and your business.

Register to attend here.

Digital Trust World Session Spotlight – Fraud Management

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Monday 21st November 15.30 – 17.00 GMT

Title: Managing Digital Fraud – Sponsored by JT FPS

JT Fraud Protection Services is delighted to be sponsoring the fraud management session – Managing Digital Fraud,  a 90 minute session moderated by Clare Messenger, Global Head of Fraud Protection Services, JT International, with a panel of fraud experts, Dianne Doodnath, Principal, Remote Payment Channels at UK Finance, Fraser King, Head of Commercial Strategy & Global Business Development, Vodafone Identity Hub, Vodafone Carrier Services, Scott Taylor, Fraud Protection & Compliance Domain, Consultant, EMEA at FICO, and Sam Ingrey, Head of Information Security, Cifas.

Session Synopsis

There has been a significant growth in criminals employing social engineering to trick consumers out of their money.

The adoption of a digital-first approach by many consumers since the pandemic brings opportunity, and also brings risk. Criminals are finding increasingly innovative ways to commit fraud and steal people’s identity, personal details and money. In this panel session, industry representatives from the banking and finance sector and from solution providers will discuss the biggest problems facing businesses across all sectors today in the UK. They will review the measures and solutions being implemented to protect consumers and the legislation that needs to come into force. As technology and industry continues to evolve the panel will look to what the future may hold in terms of challenges and opportunities.

Hear the latest on UK fraud levels from UK Finance with excerpts from their latest half-year fraud report that highlighted the fact that over £600m was stolen through scams and fraud in the first half of 2022 with almost £250m of this being the result of Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud.

Join leading fraud experts as they discuss the latest trends and developments in Managing Digital Fraud on 21 November in London. Registration is free for risk and fraud specialists working for an end-user organisation. Register here today.





Digital Trust World Session Spotlight – Digital Onboarding

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Monday 21st November 10.00 – 11.00 GMT

Title: How New Generation Identity Automation Powers a World of Trust

Join Greg Crosby, Incode Technologies, and Alan Goode, CEO and Chief Analyst at Goode Intelligence, as they navigate through the latest digital onboarding topics and discuss how new generation identity automation powers a world of trust.

The Digital Onboarding session includes:

  1. Analyst view on drivers and market adoption for digital onboarding and identity verification – Alan Goode
  2. Keynote presentation from Greg Crosby where he talks about powering a world of trust and how AI and Automation (Automated Identity Verification) will fundamentally transform how we use digital technologies, bridging the trust gap that exists between users and enterprises. Greg’s keynote presentation talks about the very latest approaches to identity and how leveraging AI/Machine learning can fast track digital strategies, improve conversion rates and lower fraud, solving the performance versus security gap that exists today that is being taken advantage of by cybercrime.
  3. Fireside chat between Alan Goode and Greg Crosby
  4. Q&A with the audience

Register to attend Digital Trust World 2022 here.

Digital Trust World Exhibitor Profile – Anonybit

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Anonybit is a Gold sponsor at Digital Trust World 2022 and will be participating in the Authentication and Privacy session on 21 November 2022.

Anonybit is an award-winning, patented decentralized infrastructure prevents data breaches and protects personal data and digital assets. Its platform is used by embedded partners and enterprises to deliver privacy-by-design solutions to the market. Anonybit’s flagship product, the Genie enables complete circle of identity by connecting digital onboarding to account access and account recovery via biometric MFA. Simple APIs integrate into existing workflows across the identity management lifecycle.

Check out their video and for more information, visit