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This is a Product Evaluation Report from Goode Intelligence of RSA’s Adaptive Authentication product.

Author: Goode Intelligence
Publication Date: Sep 07 2018
Number of Pages: 25

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Full Product Description

This report provides an independent evaluation of RSA’s Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) authentication product based upon Goode Intelligence’s expertise of the authentication and identity management market.


Our evaluation of the RSA® Adaptive Authentication product concludes that the solution exceeds the requirements of a modern Risk-Based-Authentication (RBA) system and Goode Intelligence has awarded the product a ‘Highly Commended’ rating (Goode Intelligence’s highest rating for Authentication and IAM). This rating has been awarded as RSA Adaptive Authentication is an accurate and flexible RBA that is proven to prevent fraud across both web and mobile channels. It is a leader in real-time fraud detection with a highly scalable Risk Engine linked to a world-class global fraud network. The risk-based authentication components are backed by a wide choice of step-up authentication methods that are backed by RSA’s 40-year pedigree in strong authentication.