Goode Intelligence offers a number of subscription packages for its analyst services and publications.

These include off-the-shelf and customised subscription packages.Off-the-shelf subscription services include our Market Intelligence reports and the Biometric Insight Service.

Goode Intelligence’s Biometrics Insight Service provides market analysis and market intelligence of biometric technologies in a wide range of applications and is the result of over eight years of close engagement in the biometrics and authentication sectors.

Goode Intelligence’s Biometrics Insight Service is made up of regularly published market analyst reports, complimented by monthly market intelligence reports and is aimed at both supply and demand side based organisations wanting to gain valuable insight into the biometrics industry.

The Service covers the most important areas of biometrics, providing insight into some of the fastest growing applications for biometric technology both on a sector and by-device basis.

The service covers:

  • Biometric Authentication and Identity
  • Biometrics for Financial Services including Banking and Payments
  • Biometrics for Consumer applications
  • Biometrics within the Enterprise for both logical and physical access control
  • Mobile Biometrics
  • Wearable Device Biometrics
  • Biometric Chip Cards
  • Biometric Modalities covered:
    • Fingerprint
    • Face
    • Voice
    • Behavioral
    • Heart
    • Vascular
      • Eye-Vein
      • Finger-Vein
      • Palm-Vein
  • Eye:
    • Iris
    • Vascular

The Goode Intelligence Biometric Insight service is a 12-month subscription offering that enables organisations to access current and scheduled market analyst and market intelligence reports. Additionally, it enables organisations to have priority access to our analysts in an advisory capacity.

The service provides:

  • Access to all published biometric reports (five analyst reports and over twenty market intelligence reports)
  • Delivery of scheduled publications to include:
    • One Analyst Report per quarter (four reports in total for 12 month period)
    • One Market Intelligence Report per month (12 reports in total for 12 month period)
    • Unlimited access to our analysts for enquiries
    • Quarterly advisory call to discuss client-related topics and our latest research and key market trends
    • 20 percent discount on our go-to-market (white papers, seminar/webinars and product evaluation service) and consultancy services (private research, thought leadership and demand side services)

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