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A white paper exploring next generation mobile security.

Author: Goode Intelligence
Publication Date: Jun 07 2016
Number of Pages: 10

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This white paper explores how mobility has become the new normal for computing but enterprise is not fully embracing the capabilities of always-on, always-connected, devices as a result of inadequate security tools. The paper recommends how a next generation enterprise mobile security solution should operate and introduces Ilex Sign&go Mobility Center.


The white paper explores:
How mobility has become the new normal.
The growth of mobile in the enterprise.
Is the enterprise fully embracing mobility.
Technology constraints of mobile.
Security concerns of using mobile in the enterprise.
Role of regulation and privacy law on enterprise mobility.
Next generation mobile security providing a solution for true enterprise mobility by concentrating on;
User Focus, Agile Multi-Factor Authentication, Mobile Single-Sign-On (SSO), Data Protection and Simplified Unified Security.
An introduction to Ilex Sign&go Mobility Center including a feature comparison.