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The Goode Intelligence Biometric Survey 2021 in partnership with ID R&D.

Author: Goode Intelligence
Publication Date: Apr 15 2021
Number of Pages: 25

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Full Product Description

The Goode Intelligence Biometric Survey 2021 has been created to discover views and opinions from companies that have deployed or are thinking of deploying biometrics.

The survey ran in March and April 2021 and was first presented at the Goode Intelligence Biometric Summit 2021 (April 13th 2021).

The survey has a total of 220 respondents from around the world from enterprise, government, healthcare, BFSI and technology sectors.


Survey highlights include:
* 73 percent are using biometrics to ensure good customer and user experience
* 64 percent are prioritising technology that supports remote onboarding
* As a result of COVID-19, 45 percent are using biometrics ‘significantly more’ and ‘more’
* 55 percent are already using biometric authentication technology
* 75 percent are using biometrics for Identity Verification (proofing)
* 41 percent feel that the current threat from biometric spoofing attacks is ‘very high’ and ‘high’
* 55 percent believe that liveness detection is ‘very important’ in combating biometric spoofing attacks