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Banking is being reinvented and the biggest winner is the customer. Bank customers are demanding full-banking service delivery to any new piece of consumer technology they are purchasing, and as a result banks have to adapt or die. A combination of competition from agile challenger banks and FinTech service providers plus regulatory pressure to open up the banking and payment markets is putting pressure on established banks to adopt strategies that place the customer firmly at the centre when designing and deploying new, predominantly digital, financial services.

Author: Goode Intelligence
Publication Date: Oct 03 2017
Number of Pages: 15

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Full Product Description

This white paper from cyber security research and consulting company Goode Intelligence (GI) details the changing face of customer-focused banking exploring how customer authentication can make bank customer’s lives easier and more secure. By matching agile digital banking services with convenient, standards-based mobile authentication solutions, banks can concentrate on delivering innovative and competitive solutions that ensure they retain existing customers and acquire new ones.

This means delivering mobile-based authentication solutions that are:
Easy to use
Proven in preventing fraud
Compliant with existing and forthcoming regulation
Proven to counteract the most damaging security threats
Omni-channel – one authenticator for many digital banking channels