Report Summary

This is a white paper from Goode Intelligence, sponsored by BioCatch, that investigates how behavioral biometrics can enhance Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) deployments and resolve issues that have become apparent now that SCA is mandatory across the UK and the EU.

Author: Goode Intelligence
Publication Date: Jun 23 2022
Number of Pages: 12

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Full Product Description

Beyond Compliance: Comply and Thrive in a PSD2 World is aimed at banks and Payments Service Providers (PSPs) that are now SCA compliant who want to discover what is next now that they are SCA compliant. The white paper argues that if banks and payment services providers enhance their SCA solutions with behavioral biometrics, improvements can be made in further reducing fraud and ensuring that failure and abandonment rates are kept in check. This argument is backed up with a real-world example, with a case study from the UK that details significant improvements to SCA authentication as a result of deploying behavioral biometrics from BioCatch.