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This is a white paper from Goode Intelligence that introduces the Global Architecture for Digital Identity (GADI), the Global Trusted Platform of the DID Alliance.

Author: Goode Intelligence
Publication Date: Sep 09 2020
Number of Pages: 12

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Full Product Description

The DID Alliance is an open industry association created to drive the development of a standardized, interoperable framework for decentralized identity services to ensure the authenticity of an established trust in digital identities.

The study has been developed with the cooperation of the DID Alliance and includes interviews with leading global stakeholders from the industry including its members. It investigates the current problems with digital identity including fragmentation, duplication, a lack of ownership and control for identity owners, and weak binding between physical and digital identity.

The mission of the DID Alliance is to establish a new trustable identity framework, built on the excellent work already developed, by providing a unique digital address to everyone which empowers them to control their distributed personal identity data to reinforce trust and accountability in the real or digital world.

The DID Alliance seeks to fulfil the promise of DID systems by helping to solve some of the most important practical problems attached to their operation and adoption by enabling a business interoperability layer as well as a technological one.

At the heart of GADI is the Digital Address; the Digital Address is a special GADI identifier issued to an individual by a certified Digital Address Issuer after Know Your Customer (KYC) processes have been followed.

Trust, Accountability, Inclusiveness and User Ownership are at the heart of GADI.