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This white paper from Goode Intelligence (GI) details how authentication through active customer engagement can play a role in securely identifying banks’ customers.

Author: Goode Intelligence
Publication Date: Feb 20 2018
Number of Pages: 10

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Customers are increasingly demanding that financial institutions actively protect their digital identities and finances from rising levels of fraud. They want the visible assurance that banks and payment providers are taking the necessary steps to secure their transactions. Involving the customer in the authentication process may be just the ticket.

In an era of large-scale identity theft and increasing levels of e-commerce fraud, assuring your tech-savvy customers that their financial institution is proactively protecting their online transactions is of paramount importance. This white paper from cyber security research and consulting company Goode Intelligence details how authentication can play a role in securely identifying banks’ customers.


The white paper covers:
1. How a lack of consumer trust with retail websites is leading to high levels of cart abandonment
2. How "passive" authentication is producing high levels of 'false declines' - unduly punishing legitimate customers
3. Getting the customer involved in payment security - participation in active authentication
4. Entersekt Transakt - a simple way to authenticate customers and to prevent fraud