Two-Factor Authentication Goes Mobile

White Paper Summary

Goode Intelligence White Paper "Two-Factor Authentication Goes Mobile". Free to download.

Publication Date: 11th October 2012
Number of Pages: 14


Two-factor Authentication goes mobile is a white paper that investigates how mobile 2FA is meeting the needs of modern IT functions that require agile, cost-effective and easy to deploy/manage two-factor authentication solutions.


This white paper explores how mobile phones are transforming authentication and eroding the position of hardware token technologies as the dominant form in Two-factor Authentication (2FA).


The market for mobile 2FA will continue to grow and it is on course to become the dominant force in two-factor authentication. 


The white paper details:

  • What is Tokenless 2FA
  • What are the key benefits of Tokenless mobile-based 2FA
  • The benefits of user choice and self-management in a modern agile 2FA solution
  • The reliability of SMS as a method for delivering one-time-passwords (OTP)
  • The importance of innovation in Tokenless authentication
  • Vendor and customer case studies 
  • Why the changing endpoint and the move to mobile necessitates a rethink in 2FA
  • What Goode Intelligence research tells is about mobile 2FA including
    • Mobile 2FA adoption
    • Tokenless mobile 2FA market activity


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