The Case for Mobile MFV

White Paper Summary

Goode Intelligence White Paper "The Case for Mobile Multi-Factor Verification (MFV)". Free to Download

Publication Date: 12th October 2012
Number of Pages: 17


The case for mobile Multi-factor Authentication is a white paper that explores the case for mobile based authentication and identity verification; primarily Multi-factor Verification (MFV) solutions.


With the rush to mobilise our personal and work lives, are existing authentication and identity verification solutions – that rely on either short PINs or lengthy combinations of alpha-numeric passwords – adequate for the smaller ‘third’ screen?


There is a fundamental shift in the way that we consume digital information. A shift away from ‘fixed’ desk-bound access, with clear delineation between our business and personal lives, to a much-more mobile and agile situation where work and leisure activities are merged. The smart mobile device (SMD), a term created by Goode Intelligence to include smart phones and tablet computers running mobile platforms, is becoming the primary method of consuming digital information. We bank, pay for goods, redeem retail coupons, communicate with friends, family and colleagues, access the latest sales forecasts and play games on them.


This change has created a crucial question; how do we design authentication and identity verification mechanisms that fit into this new mobile world while ensuring appropriate security controls that meet both the flexibility of our personal lives and the restrictions of our work lives? This is at a time when attacks on mobile devices are becoming more prolific, including a substantial increase in mobile malware and identity theft.


The white paper details:

  • The shift to mobile
  • Mobile Identity verification - In with the PIN
  • Mobile Security - the growing problem
  • Why we need a mobile-centric MFV solution
  • Mobile MFV as a convenient method for agile identification and verification
  • What makes a successful mobile MFV solution?
  • How MFV will work
  • What Goode Intelligence research tells us about mobile-based authentication and identity verification solutions


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